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Rules of Survival

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RS 12 Chapt. 21-22 Examples of people with "greatness".

RS 11 Chapt. 19-20 What is Nikki's message, using the mug Murdoch gave Emmy? 

Prediction: What will happen as Emmy is forced to stay home with Nikki and the

new boyfriend, Rob, without Matt and Callie?

RS 10 Pleasantville Chap. 17-18 Watch the movie trailer. 

How is the start of the movie, "Pleasantville", similar to Matt, Callie and Emmy's lives?

Why is Matt so uncomfortable watching it?

RS 9 Chapt. 15-16 Explain why Emmy prayed for Murdoch. How do you think the children's

lives would have been different if she (Emmy) just gone to bed that night?

RS 8 Meeting with Ben Given the description of Ben and the circumstances, do you think

he will take the Matt and his sisters in? Explain with support from the text.

RS 8a Wild ride, Ben Given what you know about Ben so far, what do you think he'll be like?

List 2 character traits with proof.

RS 7 Chapt. 10/11 What do you wonder about?

RS 6 Chapt. 9 Nikki Character Traits

RS 5 Chapt. 8 Irony 

Demonstrate your understanding of "irony".

What was ironic about the documentary Murdoch and Nikki's family watched in this chapter?

RS 4 Chapt. 5-7 Prediction

RS 3 Chapt. 2-3 Relationship Matt/mother.

RS 2 Chapter 1 Murdoch Character Traits

RS 1 Introduction Predictions


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