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Journey into the Idea Hive

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June 2011 Author of The Book Thief Visits the Idea Hive Classroom


May, 2011  Student reflections after receiving A Field Guide to Molching   The Book Thief

                   Lulu.com  A Field Guide to Molching    The Book Thief 

                   Student Reflections during the Read Alouds of The Book Thief   The Book Thief

                   A Field Guide to Molching  Cover image   The Book Theif


April, 2011 Collaborative Writing The Book Thief


January, 2011  Word Shakers in the Idea Hive  The Book Thief


November , 2010

Nov. 20: Securing the Connection  The Book Thief

Nov. 10: Reading Aloud, with a Few Twists    The Book Thief

Nov. 6:  Holocaust Education with @langwitches and Group Skype  The Book Thief


October, 2010

Oct. 25:  Hive Thinking  The Book Thief

Oct. 10:  Creating Connections in the Idea Hive Classroom


September, 2010

Sept. 28:  Thinwalls Meets the Parents

Sept. 19  Building Learning Communities Step 2:  Generate Some Buzz

Sept. 15  Building Learning Communities Step 1:  Have Some Fun!

Sept. 12  Take-Off!

Sept. 10  2 700 Kilometres Across:  That's How Big My Classroom Is

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