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Healthy Eating

Titanium Chef  Class: 8B 2014    Code: PFDKDQ


Healthy Eating:  Project outline

Start the Lesson:  Click on different parts of the screen to read the 5 sections:  Nutrition Basics,     The Digestive System,     Eating Healthy,

                                                                                                                   Fast Facts on Junk Food,     

Take me to the Exercise:  Choose a character and order a healthy combination.  What food combinations work best?

Nutrition Activity:  10 multiple choice questions

Fitness Calculators: BMI, Ideal Body Weight, Daily Caloric Need 

Healthy Eating Public Health Agency of Canada

Kids Health

Health Canada Healthy Eating



Teen Health and Wellness - various topics including eating, sports injuries, etc avmdsb

Personal Safety and Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada


Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours

Substance Use and Addiction, Public Health Agency of Canada

Kids Health

Health Canada-Youth


Human Development and Sexual Health

HIV/Aids Prevention Video with facts

Health Canada-Youth

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