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Idea Hive

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Journey into the Idea Hive 2011 and 2012


Journey into the Idea Hive 2010/2011


Posting Pictures on the Flickr Site for the Photo Contest

1.  Email the image.  How? In Google Apps, click on Mail, Compose Mail.

2.  To:  was35books@photos.flickr.com

3.  Subject:  Picture title, your first name and last initial   e.g. Madill 8B Mustangs, Heather D.

4.  Attach your photo by clicking on the paperclip, find the image stored on your computer.

5.  Whatever you type in the body of the email is the description. e.g. Playing with my dog.

6.  Hit Send


To see the pictures, go to Flickr.com

Log in:  Yahoo!Username = mrfishersclass   Password = excellence

Click on recent activity.


Posting Comments in Each Other's Blog

1.  Open your "Blog Comment" Google doc in 1 tab, Idea Hive in another.

2.  After reading an Idea Hive blog, write your comment on the top of the Gdoc (newest on top).

3.  Log into the IdeaHive.org.

4.  Copy and paste your comment into their blog.

5.  Click on reply, post, or whatever tab their blog shows.







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