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4s- Connector

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Section one

Page 5-33


Ts 41

     While reading the book Four Steps to Death, by John Wilson, I made a T-S connection. In the story, an elderly man named Sergei is remembering what it was like when he was 8. He would play Fascists vs. Communists, an older version of cops and robbers. Unlike Sergei, whenever I broke something.


TS43     t-s

In the book Four Steps To Death by John Wilson, on page 26 at the beginning Vasily is holding his ppsh41 (or one of most fastest firing rate in the world). This reminds me of when I got my very first gun (pellet gun dont worry) and i put so many hours in to it by cleaning shooting and taking care of it, just like Vasily.



The shadows of the two bodies flicker and jump in Sergei's flashlight beam. The skulls grin at 

him This reminds me of csi when the lead detective sees two bodys in the middle of the night 

and the one looks with its dead skin at th lead detective and smils 


Section two

Page 34-69


Ts 41

     While reading the book Four Steps to Death, by John Wilson, I made a T-T connection. In the story, a boy named Heinz is going on and on about how great Hitler is, and how good he is to Germany. This reminds me of another book that I'm reading called Flames of the Tiger, also by John Wilson. In this story, a young man named Reinhard, a German soldier, is talking about how Hitler has fixed all of their problems, and strengthened their economy. Heinz and Reinhard are very similar, and equally naive.



This is when Conrad is in the tank and kills the Russian girls  and says that they were only sixteen and she looks like my cousin.

This is important because it is showing he actually cares about how old the person he kills is  because she was so young and clearly he did not like killing younger people.


In this passage conrad is hiting the tank out of anger.

This reminds me of when I hit Trevor ruthlessly and violently and offen. 


Section Three 

Page 70-103


Ts 41

     While reading the book Four Steps to Death,  by John Wilson,I made a T-W connection. In the book a young boy named Sergei is scavenging for food in his neighbours garden, since there isn't much elsewhere. This reminds me of how people in earthquake prone countries, such as Haiti, survive when an earthquake strikes. Haitians loot stores for food so they can survive (I'm amjust using Haiti as an example). This is normally unaceptable, but in a devasted country Haitians and Sergei (or anybody in a devastated country) can do so.



Vasily is scared and can't move his legs . This reminds me

of when I left my dog in the base ment and when he got out 

he would not walk 2 feet.23 


In The story Four Steps to Death Vasily is crossing the river and he gets a huge barrage of mortars bullets and artillery.

This reminds me of going to my friends house and they kept throwing and throwing snowballs and it did not stop for ever.

Section Four

Page 104-147


Ts 41


     While reading the book Four Steps to Death, by John Wilson, I made a t-t connection. In the story Conrad is remembering what it was like when he was a child in the Hitler Youth. He had lots of fun, and enjoyed the campouts that his youth group had. This reminds me of Dieter, from Flames of the Tiger, as he loved his youth group, andenjoyed being outside, although his father greatly disapproved of this. Dieter and Conrad are both a lot alike, and they are both soldiers.



TS43 In the book Four Steps to Death Vasilys commisar Said we are going to have to hold our own until renforcements come.(Whuch really means that they are going to have to stick it out untilhelp comes.

This reminds me of every single war movie saying they need to hold their own until help arives for example hamburger hill American soldiers. 

ts38 Conrad heard no noise, but he was thrown violently forward by a hurricane of superheated air 

that scorched his uniform and hair. This reminds me of the movie on the history chanle the oath 

to Hitler. Where the germain soldier gets thrown into a brick wall from an explosin the movie was

 horific.  The reasion it was horific  is becausethe peoples face would be melted away by the acid 


Section Five

Page 148-182


In the book, "Four Steps to Death" it says "Why do we need change? Hasn't Comrade Stalin

performed wonders? The five-year plans. The collective farms. What about the great industrial

 projects and the railway through Siberia? These are continuing the revolution." This reminds me of 

the conflict bettween the US goverment and some of the people in US about the heath registration

and how they did not want change. 




     In the book Four Step to Death, by John Wilson, I made a t-s connection. In the story Conrad is very relieved to see his brother, Josef, but was ready to destroy himself to avenge his death. This remindsabout how I feel about my family. If one of them were seriously injured by someone I would do anything to avenge them. Conrad and I are quite alike, but I wouldn't try to kill the person, just arrest them.


Section Six

Page 183-206




     While reading the book Four Steps to Death, by John Wilson, I made a t-s connection. In the story

Yelena is focusing on killing a German officer, but she couldn't seem  to get one for a long time. Once Yelena did, however she became extremely exited. This reminds me of a time when I was trying to learn how to shoot a pellet gun. It took a lot of patients, but with practice, I was able to make shots just as accurate as my dad.





This is when Conrad gets shot in the chest and his fifth vertabra and he gives every last ability. To throw the  sack of grendades down the hole. This feminds me Of a firned who plays hockey and he was on a breakaway and somone slashed his legs and he was on his knees and he scored and if I was there I would have screamed lebouxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 






  In this passage Sergei a police officer is in a basement  discovering two dead corpses. He finds a piece of paper which is a note to Vasiy's dad explanining how the war is going and how he has found love.  This reminds me of a video game paper Mario. When Mario and koopa the quick discover  Koopas dads dead body which has a letter om it for his son Koopa. 

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