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4s- Illustrator

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Even More Guns by Phanatic.

ts43 Signifagance: I think this photo is good because Vasily uses this gun.




Ts 41


Significance: This photo is significant to this story because it is a model much like the tank Conrad's crew fights in (I couldn't find the exact model) during world war two. This picture gives the reader an idea of what era the book takes place in (if you had to guess just from the picture).








Section two 

Ts 41

Click the link.

antitank rifle.bmp

Significance: This picture is significant because it shows what age of weaponary what being used. It also shows what advance has been made between 1945 and 2010, in the form of weapons.


Section Three

Ts 41


Significance: This picture is significant because it relates to Yelena Pavlova, a Russion sniper (just like Chekhov), being very determined. Yelena is very good at what she does, and seems to know all of the enemies tricks.










Ts 41


Significance: I feel that this picture is significant because it shows the viewer what Vasily has to deal with throughout his time in the army, as this plane, a Stuka bomber, dives in to the target and pulls up after droping the bomb.

Week 4









 MG42 heavy machine gun by fw190a8.http://www.flickr.com/photos/fw190a8/1140485233/

Section Five


Ts 41







ts43Heavy Soviet Tank KV-2.  1941. Советский тяжелый танк КВ-2. 1941 год. by Peer.Gynt.




stevens buckhorn 66 b 22 caliber rifle by Willie Lunchmeat.

Significance: This image is important to this story, as it is much like the rifle Yelena Pavlova uses. Knowing what the characters are using makes it easier to visualize them.




Section 6




Significance: This photo is significant because Zaitsev was the famous Russian sniper that Vasily heard about being withdrawn to teach recruits. Vasily was thinking of becoming a sniper, but knew it would never happen. I also think it is a good picture because his name,Vassili, is like oneof the main character's names, Vasily.




German MG-42 fireing by gluemoon.

This picture is signifagant because this is a German soldier shooting a pg42 which is the preffered weapon of a Berman soldier.





It is significant because even though he takes orders from Yelena he sees her in a different way in his dream and would like them to become more than friends.


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Heather Durnin said

at 9:10 am on Apr 24, 2010

Great work first week. Remember, TS41, I am looking for the url with the image copy and pasted. It must be a royalty free image. Use the CC Search Engine as found on the favourite links page.

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