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Hg- Questioner

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Week 1:



1. Why did Katniss volenteer to take Prims place in the Hunger Games?



How would you descide about going to the Capitol for someone you loved?




Why does the capitol have to be fancy and high tech were as District 12 is poor and they live on the scraps they can find? 



Why did Katniss have to scrub and wax? 

Week 2:



Justufy or not if Haymitch will be a good mentor for Katniss and Peeta.



In the book The Hunger Games by Suzzanne Coi 

Why did the Hunger games not start right away?



Do you think that Peeta really likes Katniss, so much that he doesn't want to against her?



Why did Peeta and Katniss take seprate coaching?



Why did Katniss score eleven in "The Hunger Games" training?




Week 3:



Questin: Do you think that the 'Thing' Rue was pointing to, was an animal, Tracker-Jacker, or Someone else? 

Answer: I think that it might be someone else, because they did not say who all jumped out of the tree, and who walked away.

Proof From The Text: In the book, it said that they regrouped, and it doesn't mean that they all regrouped or who regrouped. Also, they were planning on all teamming up, and killing Katniss.




What do you think will happen to Rue in the Hunger Games?



Why is Rue not killing Katniss in "The Hunger Games?"



Do the girls and boys fight together Durning the Hunger Games?

Anwser : The boys and girls fought together.




Week 4:


Question: How could Katniss survive with venom in her body, with no doctor?

Answer: When Katniss blacked out, I think that all the venom drained right out of her system over the 2 days she was sleeping.

Proof From The Text: Pg. 194Katniss loses her balance, and falls into damp leaves. She feels weird, dizzy and confussed. While laying in the leaves, she sees the trees turn to blood, ants crawling up her neck, orange bubbles, and hears a high picthed scream.  



Question: Why would Katniss think Peeta saved her life?

Answer: Peeta told her to run when Cato was going to slash her with his sword.

Proof from Text: Peeta told her to run when Cato was going to slash her with his sword and Peeta fought Cato and was injured.



Why does the author make Cato such a violent character?

I thin the author made Cato such a voilent character because it would spike the plot. Also I think the author made Cato symble of the Hunger Games, violent, blood thirsty. I think Caton was also made such a voilent character to add to the them of the novel more.



Question: Why do the older people have to fight withe the younger people? 

Anwser: I think the older kids have to fight with the younger kids because they want the Hunger Games to go by faster.

Proof: Katniss says that Rue is only 12 and Katniss is 16


Week 5 


Question: Why did Katniss lie about how she got the goat for Prim's birthday?

Answer: I think she lied about it because she didn't want her meat costomers to get in trouble for illegal meat buying.

Text: She didn't want her meat costomers like Greasy Sae to get in trouble.



How do you think Thresh died in the Hunger Games?

Answer: I think the gamemakers sent in some creation they made because they knew no one would be able to kill Thresh. Either that or Cato somehow killed Thresh with what he got from his backpack at the feast.



Question-Why did Katniss come back looking for Peeta ?

Anwser- Katniss came back looking for Peeta because Peeta saved her life so Katniss could save his life.

Proof-Katniss you have to run or you will be killed..... Peeta just saved my life.



Question: How and when do you think Foxface got her backpack, and what do you think was in her back?

Anwser: I think that foxface sneaked into the feast first, way before Katniss and the others got there. She might have got food in her pack, because she tried to get some food from the careers.

Proof: -Pg. 279. Katniss did not see Foxface anywhere and thought she might have picked up some weapons somewhere else.



-Pg. 283. Cornucopia grabs the green bag and hurrys away.


Turnstu dent46

Question: How do you think the audience back in the Capitol when Peeta and Katniss tried to cheat the Hunger Games?

Answer: I think it caused mayhem because now that someone openly defied the Capitol someone will think it's ok to do the same.


TS 39

Question: How many other people survived?

Anwser: three people survived.

Proof: 21 people died. 



Question: Why did Katniss and Peeta try to commit suicide?

Answer: In the rules of "The Hunger Games" there is only to be one victor but Katniss and Peeta loved eachother greatly and wanted to defy the Capitol so they attempted to commit suicide.

Proof From Text: They took berries called nightlock which are deadly and held them out so the Capitol would see them then attemped to eat them but then the rules changed so they spit the berries out. 



Question: Why would the person, that put the needle in Katniss's back, do it unexpetedly?

Answer: I think that they did it unexpetedly, because they know that Katniss is stronger, and faster then them. And also wouldn't want to be unconscious.

Proof For Text: Katniss is a very strong player in the hunger games, and if they told her that she would have to be unconscious she would probably try to fight back.




Question: Why would Katniss pretend to love Peeta in "The Hunger Games?"

Answer: To keep the capitol happy, and to get sponsors and to get care packages.

Proof From Text: Sometimes when Katniss kissed Peeta she would get care packages.


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