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Science a-z username: shanmcga password: sitin295             ScienceSource  username: grade78  password: blazers


Pearson Textbook September - December 

A) Cells 

Chapter 1 Cells are the basic unit of all living things  Copy of sci8_ch01lr.pdf

The wacky history of cell theory   The Powerhouse of the Cell

Diffusion 5 min.   Animation: How Diffusion Works     Animation: Osmosis

Chapter 2 Cellular processes sustain living things Copy of sci8_ch02lr.pdf

Chapter 3 Healthy Organisms depend on interactions Copy of sci8_ch03lr.pdf


B) Systems in Action  January - March   

Chapter 4 Mechanical systems use forces to transfer energy Copy of sci8_ch04lr.pdf

How Ice Climbing Works  Circus Bike Performance  Bill Nye Motion   TEDEd Newton's Laws of Motion  

Engineering Intact: All About Forces   

Bill Nye Friction  Engineering Intact: Friction    TedEd Gravity  TEDEd All of the Energy in the Universe is..

Simple Machines Game


Chapter 5 Mechanical systems involve machines that do work efficiently Copy of sci8_ch05lr.pdf

Chapter 6 Systems have an impact on our society Copy of sci8_ch06lr.pdf


C) Fluids April - June


 Bill Nye Fluids Video   Coke vs. Diet Coke Demo    Bill Nye Buoyancy Video      

Chapter 7 Fluids are used in tech and everyday materials Copy of sci8_ch07lr.pdf

Chapter 8 Viscosity, density and compressibility  Copy of sci8_ch08lr.pdf

Chapter 9 Many technologies are based on properties of fluids Copy of sci8_ch09lr.pdf


D) Water Systems

Chapter 10 Water on earth exists in different states and is always moving Copy of sci8_ch10lr.pdf

Chapter 11 Monitoring water systems for supply and quality Copy of sci8_ch11lr.pdf

Chapter 12 Stewardship of our water systemsCopy of sci8_ch12lr.pdf




Science Fair Websites

Heat Science Unit




Earth's Gravity Maps

Various Animations


Science Newsites         Reactions Everyday Chemistry Videos


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