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Username: Turnstudent#  Password = your usual 


Skype Jobs

Greeter:  greets the guest, introduce our class, talks about geographical location

Share:  shares something special about the class, school, province, country

Q & A: asks specific questions

Photographer:  responsible for documenting connection with still images.

Backchannel Writers:  documenting conversation, questions, answers during the connection via Today'sMeet

Live Blogger:  blogs skype call live to classroom blog

Google Map: add placemark of Skype partner's location to embedded Google Map below

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Skype an Author Network

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ts41 said

at 11:33 am on Jun 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

Skype blog with Natasha Friend

Nataja M, a grade 7 student and Lush book club reader, contacted Natasha Friend on facebook and arranged a skype call to talk about her career and life. Natasha has never skyped before, so this is a new experience for her. This is our class’s fourth skype call. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Eric and three kids. Apparently Natasha knew that she was destined to become an author and tries to keep her books open. She takes every possible moment to write her books, while keeping her kids busy; quite an amazing feat. Her goal as an author is to get her kids into reading, along with anyone who reads her book. Her favourite author while growing up was Judy Blume, while her favourite book is normally the one that she is working on, but really likes perfect as it got her on to the track that set her to a publisher. Natasha compares our grade 8 Justin to Justin Bieber, causing enormous laughter throughout the class. She told us about her upcoming book and bids us farewell, saying we can always give her writing ideas.

Ts 41

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