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Earth Hour

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Earth Day  April 22

Earthday Network Footprint Calculator

How Many Planets does it Take to Support Your Lifestyle?  Take the Quiz.  Don't put in your email.  

When done, click on after the quiz to learn more!  

Earth Day Activities

Games: (Use headphones)

Susthouse  List ways to build 1) a sustainable environment, 2) a sustainable building.  

Planet Green  (screen name is your turnstudent#)

Earth Day Sites



Water Day March 22, 2011

Water wiki page links

UN World Water Day

Water Planet Video and transcript narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Access to Safe Water and Quiz


Greenspaceamdsb Wiki


Earth Hour

March 27, 8:30 p.m.  Why do it?

What is Climate Change?

Breathing Earth

WWF: Only 1 in 5 Canadians Gets and A Grade 

WWF: Still looking for the Real Deal  scroll down, right side for articles on Understanding Climate Change

The Best Sites to Learn About Earth Hour  

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