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Peace in Ten Words

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Joe Satriani, one of the world's top guitarists, told his audience that he wrote this song on the evening of September 11, 2001.

Our class listened to the song, and then they were challenged to write a phrase about PEACE.....in Ten Words.  Grade 2/3 students wrote 10 words about Peace.  One of my favourite Gr. 2/3 quotes....."loving my cat".  How cute is that!?


Below find the individual lines that each student created as they wrote.….framing PEACE in ten words.

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Following is an excerpt of an interview from Modern Guitars Magazine, May 2006


Q: Are there ten words to describe ‘Ten Words’?


Joe Satriani: I guess there’s too many, and that’s why I wound up just using that. It’s a song that was difficult to decide to write, I guess. I wrote it as a personal thing and never thought I’d play it for anybody. But as I was compiling music for the record and going through manuscripts, I came across the song. With several years of passing between the week of the Sept. 11th attacks in the U.S. and now, I felt there was a way to interpret this somehow, so people could use it as a source of inspiration somehow. I tried to come up with a title. I knew it had to be ten words because that was the last phrase of the melody in this ten-note phrase. I wrote several pages of phrases, and when I tried to figure out what exactly all my emotions were, and how they could be represented, I realized I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t settle on one; it was too complicated. So, at the top of the page I had written ‘Ten Words’. In the end I just thought, well, maybe I should just hand this over to the audience and then they can put in their own ten words.                                  



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