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How to's for your Wiki

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Create a Page


     1.       Sidebar, click Create a Page.

2.       New screen opens, give your page a name.

3.    You can choose a blank page, or upload a page which is ready to go.

3.       Adjust security.    

4.       Click, Create a Page.  Your page will now open. 

5.       Add text, links to other pages, images, etc.

6.       Click Save (bottom).


Adding Page Links to the Sidebar


1.       At the bottom of the Sidebar, click on Edit the Sidebar.

2.       A new screen opens.  Put your cursor where you want your page link to appear.  

3.       In the Sidebar, click on Insert a Link, or click on the page if you see it.

4.       Choose the Link type and the Page, click Ok.

5.       Click Save.


Adding Links on a Page



      1.  Click on the icon in the toolbar (paperclip + globe). 

      2.  Follow the steps above, in "Adding Page Links to the Sidebar".


Uploading Files into PBWorks

There’s likely an easier way, so let me know if you find a method easier than this. 


     1.        Right side of screen, click Upload Files.  A new screen opens.

2.        Left side of screen, click Upload Files again.

3.        Find your file, click on the file.  It takes a second, and then the upload begins. 

4.       Go to the page where you want to insert the image/file. 

5.         Click Edit. 

6.         Put your cursor where you want your file to show up. 

7.        On the Sidebar, click Insert (pages, images or files, whichever you’re doing).   Find it, and click on it. 

        It is now linked in the page. 

8.        Click Save, you’re done!


Embed a Web 2.0 tool


See specific tool page on the side bar.  For Google Presentations,


Presentations:  Click Share, Publish/embed.  Specify size, slide advance speed, embed code is given, copy it.

                       In PB works, insert plugin, HTML/Java, click allow Java, insert code, save.


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