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How to Use VoiceThread

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Another Amazing Web 2.0 Tool: VoiceThread

Get a VoiceThread account. You need an email address and your name.

You can also use my school account. Log in email: heatdurn@fc.amdsb.ca Password: turnberry



  • A voicethread is a group discussion on one page. Comments fill in around the edges. Behind the comment button are the three different ways to make comments: webcam, audio, text.



  • To get a better look at an image, click on it to zoom in and out. Move the picture around with your mouse.



  • To delete a comment, click the garbage can icon you’ll see when your comment is playing.



  • There are 2 ways to hear comments: a) click on a person’s face, or b) click on the type of record buttons in the middle.



  • To move to another screen, click the big arrows, or click on the navigator page and it will show you all the pages.


Let’s get started…

  1. Create: Upload pictures from your computer, Media Source (Flickr, Facebook, The New York Public Library, other VoiceThreads you’ve created), url .

    Drag them into the order you want.

       Click on Title, Description, fill in. Give your project a tag (NewFrance).

  1. Comment. Add your name and picture: Select your avatar, click open, it will upload. Save. It will appear as a small box on the bottom toolbar.

  2. To create another avatar, click on the first one. It will pop open and give the option to switch identity by creating another avatar. Type in the new name and upload a picture. Save.

  3. Continue to click on the avatar box to switch speakers or add a new one.

  4. Click on the comment box.

       Audio: Click allow on the Adobe Flash Player setting, choose your method to record. Click stop, save. Your avatar appears on the side.

       Your name pops up when you put your mouse on the avatar.

       Continue to record or type on that page.

       If you use one type of comment and then switch to another, using the same avatar, you will not see two pictures on the side, only one.

       The comments are made in the order that you produced them.

  1. Move to the next window.

  2. Click Add to My Voice Page.

  3. To edit, click on the gear menu icon in the bottom right corner. You can also make a copy, and share.

  4. Click on get a link. Leave it checked that someone else can view and comment.

  5. Copy the address given e.g. http:// voicethread.com/share/833754/

  6. Moderate comment. You can view the comments before they’re posted. I don’t think you have to worry about that with our projects.

       Don’t click Show on Browse Page. We want these to be private for now.

  1. A yellow tab appears on the avatar if there is a comment attached to it.

      You also have the choice of sharing with other students who have their own email address and VoiceThread account. You first have to send an invite.


Post the Link in you Wiki

Post the link to your VoiceThread site on your wiki for you and your partner to access. You can continue to edit and your changes will stay the same. Awesome!!

You cannot export to an Archival VoiceThread unless you pay the big bucks. We’re not.

When done, and it looks beautiful, you will embed your VoiceThread so you can view in right on your wiki. It’s free and hey, that’s what your wiki is for.



To embed, open your wiki using a different tab. Create a page in your wiki where you’ll store it.

In this case, “New France”.

Click Edit. Put your cursor on the page where you want your VoiceThread to appear.

In the tool bar, click Insert Plugin, HTML and Gadgets, HTML/Javascript. A box will open.


Go back to the Voicethread tab, copy the code. Put your cursor at the beginning, click copy.


Go back to your wiki tab, put your cursor in the box, right click paste.

Check the box (allow Javascript),

Change the embed code to 800 and 600 (two places) to make it larger)

Preview, Ok, Save.











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