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How do you think - Learning Styles

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We all learn differently, and we learn better if we know our best learning style(s).  It also helps me, you teacher, to plan our day so I can make the message clear to everyone.  Please answer the questions in this survey in order to determine your best learning style. 


Learning Styles Inventory Profile Survey


After taking the survey, you'll have determined your preferred learning style.  Did you test high in one of the three (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic) or are you a blend?  What types of activities in your learning style preference do you like best?  (see below for options)


Sign into the wiki first, then click below on "Add a Comment".  Answer the question:  what is your learning style?


Activities for Learning Style 







                     [JP] Corrêa Carvalho
















Zebra Pares

Auditory learners need to hear information.  You have a "good ear" and can hear differences in tones and rhythm.  Reading out loud will be helpful.  You can remembr what you hear in a lesson. 




  • After you read a page, summarize the information out loud in your own words.
  • Talk about the material you have been learning with a friend or study group.


Visual learners need to see information  You have strong visualization skills and can remember objects, shapes, and pictures.  You learn by reading, and by watching films, videos, and demonstrations.  You can see pictures in your mind. 




  • Create flow charts and diagrams with colours to view frequently.
  • Rewrite your notes using a different colour.

Kinesthetic learners need to be physically active and doing things.  You are a hands-on learner.  You ahve good coordination and learn by doing.  You generally have an active approach to learning.




  • Use your hands.  Create flash cards and move them around. 
  • Walk and talk the information.  Recite as you move.
  • Type on a computer, using your muscle memory.


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