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Afghanistan Correspondence

Page history last edited by Heather Durnin 14 years, 3 months ago

From: Mackinnon Capt CW@Deployed@KAF

> Sent: Sunday, 10, January, 2010 16:19 PM


 Xmas thanks


Hi my name is Major Chuck Mackinnon;


 I would like to take a moment and thank the children for the delightful letters. These arrived a few weeks ago and helped warm our Christmas celebrations. To Brianna, thanks for the heartfelt thought. To the childern of Turnberry Central Public School thanks for taking the time to write to us. We appreciate your time and kind words.


 Just a little information about Afghanistan and us. It is currently

 sunny and approx. 12C here during the day and 0C at night. Very dusty.

 Our organization has a special job as we are part of the Observer

 Mentor Liaison Team. Our job is to work with the Afghan National Army.

 Most of us are employed in Canada with 3 PPCLI in Edmonton, AB.


 Again, thanks and stay warm.


 I have enclosed a few pictures.




 Chuck MacKinnon

  Morning Ptl BeP, Bazaar and Rte Zelda  JTF Afghanistan


 Post script to pictures. These are taken in Kandahar Province. The

 picture with the boys and ANA is taken at the boys school in Bazaar

 Panjwayi. The camel was seen at the local bazaar. Note. The street

 lamps have solar panels. In the picture of the group of boys, look at

 the girls standing behind them. Not all the girls are covered up here

 but some are. I'm open to correspond with the folks of Bisset School.

 I'm not in any of the pictures. This keeps me from trying to determine

 my best side. Lol.


Comments (2)

ts01 said

at 5:32 pm on Jan 16, 2010

I also can't belive they wrote back! That was awesome!! :) My favourite pictue is the one of the camel! (I am not sure how to spell that. Sorry).

ts04 said

at 5:10 pm on Jan 13, 2010

I can't beleive they actualy wrote back. :)
I hope we all get our own letters from the toops that got our letters and if they sent pictures just like Chuck.
This is amazing !

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